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I was bored today so I went through my conversation logs with Andrew and Colin over the last year and took out some of the the funny bits.  Most of them are self explanatory.  Enjoy!
Justron: Holy fuck...  Are they a CAR you can USE as headphones?
Andrew: Platinum/gold plated wiring
Justron: ooh.
Andrew: and lord knows what else
Justron: Can you have sex with them?  For $16,000, you better be able to.
Andrew: Funny, that's what I said about Li....nevermind.
Justron: She didn't cost $16,000.
Andrew: For you, maybe.

Auto-response from Andrew: I'm totally away.
Andrew: Sigh...
Justin: Clean out your binder!
Andrew: Oh yeah!
Justin: That takes like 30 seconds..
Andrew: ...Do time trials!
Justin: On binder cleaning?
Andrew: Yes!
Justin: Okay!
Justin: ...  I lost my binder...
Justin: Oh no..  There it is.
Andrew: I dont know where mine is
Andrew: Oh. In my pack.
Justin: You're set as away, you know.
Andrew: .....why did everyone just suddenly decide to tell me that?
Justin: Because we're ..  worried about you, Andrew.
Justin: Are you here?  Are you away?  What's going on?

Andrew: I hate this assignment.
Justin: Oh?... 
Andrew: It's basically boiled down to retyping the history from the text book, but putting it in first person.
Justin: Oh, THAT..
Andrew: Stupid Moss got to do it a much funner way, because of his stupid imagination....
Justin: You can imagine too!
Andrew: Not when I'm thinking about other people's better ideas.

Andrew: Poetry blows.
Justin: Poetry rocks.  Writing poetry blows.
Andrew: Right.
Justin: Blows rocks.
Andrew: Yeah.
[Talking about Colin's Birthday]
Justin: I don't know that to do, or get him.
Andrew: Make him a CRAZY card.
Justin: It'll say, "Holy shit, mother fucker!  You've lived exactly 6574 days so far!"  And have a picture of me giving him a hot carl on it.
Andrew: go for it
Justin: I just might.

Justin: Time for dinner!
Session Close (Andrew): Sat Jul 20 17:35:16 2002
Session Start (ICQ - 37126234:Andrew): Sat Jul 20 17:53:41 2002
Andrew: That was fast
Justin: I mean business!

[On a particularly hot day]
Andrew: so.....hot...
Justin: Yeah, my computer's overheated 3 times.
Andrew: ...wow.
Justin: Yeah..
Andrew: So, what is the plan tommorow?
Justin: Um...  I don't know.
Andrew: Mantastic!
Justin: I don't know how to respond..
Andrew: I dig.
Andrew: Man, I'm flailing my arms and mumbling incoherently. I think I need some water.
Justin: A bathtub full!
Andrew: That sounds nice.
Justin: Heat makes me slow.
Andrew: So like, do you come to complete stop in the heat then?
Justin: ...
 ... Sometimes...
Andrew: bravo
Justin: Whee!

Andrew: If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Justin: If it ain't baroque, don't faux it.
Andrew: faux sounds nothing like fix.....
Andrew: thats only half clever!
Justin: Half clever, or..  Better?
Andrew: Zuh?!?!
Andrew: bRHB!!
Justin: Hubbah!

Justin: Why do people who have MSN change their name to sentences?
Andrew: Because they are clever and witty.
Justin: I think it's funny when people have things like "~+=i only love cake;-)=+~" as their name.  I mean, none of them are that funny...

Justin: Hello , Chumly.
Colin: hello friend.
Justin: I am..  Bored.
Justin: And apathetic.
Colin: I am..not really.
Justin: Whoa...  What are you doing to make yourself not?  Tell me now.

Justin: Fo bizza, show dizza.
Colin: shizzy bizza bizzo hizza!
Justin: shiz to da iz-ow!  Doh nizzo, bizza!
Colin: hizzy mizzy, la do sho dizzy ho ma nizza!
Justin: Wadda ta, fo nay-no.
Colin: Biznotch!
Colin: Bizznaooooch!
Justin: Ha ha...  Fiz shizzle.
Colin: Shizzle ma nizzle! on da mizzle!
Justin: Mizzle ma bizzle, diz-nizzle.
Colin: Diz...diz bizzle, shizzy shizzle!
Justin: That's enough.
Colin: ok. oh, god, that was awful.

Colin: Baby Justin!
Colin: hey!
Justin: Hey baby!
Colin: big ol' baby, what's happenin'?
Justin: I know you'll always be near to me.

Justin: Hi.  How come you weren't at school today?
Colin: didn't feel the need.
Justin: The need for SPEED?
Colin: the need for shields.
Justin: Ah, good show.  Does he want something from you?
Colin: no, he hates me.
Justin: How come?  I thought he loved you.
Colin: no, i got bad footy of the hokey pokey, and then he was mad.

Justin: Hey, that girl in the theater was so coming on to me.  Once before the movie started her elbow touched mine for a second.
Colin: nice!

Colin: whoa, hold on there captain!
Justin: Okay.  Captain Bed-Finder.  Better get up here Captain, we can't find it.  Oh there it is, you can go back to bed now.
Colin: .....justin, you're a very tired boy.
Justin: I know.

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