Concept for Game, to be produced by the highest bidder.

Created by Justin and Gus

Game Title:

"Real Life"

"Law and Order"

"Conform Flesh-Machines, Conform"


This game is a revolution in gaming. It combines the free play capabilities of games like GTA III and Animal Crossing, with the static rules of classic games like Checkers, and Rock-Paper-Scissors. The game will offer players a rich, rewarding experience, as long as they do everything exactly as they are told.

The object of the game is to follow a rigid set of rules. If the rules are deviated from, the character will find themselves put in jail for 5-10 years real time. The game will keep track of this time, and the timer cannot be reset. After the set amount of time, the player will be able to try again.

The game is played with a special controller, shipped with the game. The controller is essentially and pair of blue jeans*, which can be accessorised with a belt, and has handy pockets to store things in while gaming. The game can also be played at any time, in nearly any place. The game is played whenever the player is in motion, or is interacting with anything in their immediate environment, be it a car, a phone, or even other players. Yes, it’s the largest multi-player game of all time; with already over 6 billion people playing every day.

Another exciting feature is that once the game is started, you cannot shut it off, and you keep playing until you die (players are only given one "life"). Never has a game been so immersive. Make friends who may remember you days afterwards! Make enemies who will try to insult you! But always remember to stay on the straight and narrow, because if you step off into the realm of crime, the "Boys-in-Blue™" will come and haul you off into "THE-SLAMMER™" where you must wait to be released.

We are very excited about the potential markets this game will open up, as characters can get jobs to earn "Money™" (little green pieces of paper) in order to buy things they like. They can buy a house, then decorate it however they want. They can buy TVs, Stereos, Cars, and even Love. Food must be bought to keep the player character going, and bathroom breaks are also a necessity. We included everything. You won’t even know you’re playing a game. You poor slobs.


*the jeans shipped with the game can be substituted with any other article of clothing compatible with today’s trends.

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