The Orange Arrow Valentines Cards

On December 28th, 1972, a certain famous greeting card company commissioned us to make some Valentine's Day Cards for them. They paid us in advance, all we did right up until the meeting on January 21st was drink and avoid answering the phone. What we ended up with were some covers of old EC/Gladstone comics with vague Valentine's Day messages crudely pasted over them. Long story short: Never pay us in advance. Only a few hundred were ever actually made and they sold poorly. We bought the rights to them back in '84 and now present them to you here for free. Because really what kind of idiot would pay money for these?
Valentine 1    Valentine 2    Valentine 3    Valentine 4   
Valentine 5    Valentine 6    Valentine 7    Valentine 8   
Valentine 9    Valentine 10    Valentine 11   

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