Gus: I'm in kind of a Zen state of mind right now.
Davis: How so?
Gus: I feel a tad detached from reality yet still in control.
Davis: Ah, yes. I go Zen for about 8 hours a day, usually.
Davis: From when I wake up untill about 2 or 3.
Gus: That seems about right.
Gus: There's no real need for the other brain functions during that time.
Gus: They can only really be a hindrance.
Davis: Yeah. The first half of the day is generally a peaceful, serene, and completely uneventful time.
Gus: I'm sure most of the other monkey people would disagree with that theory but I personally see it's validity.
Davis: Nothing important ever happens until the afternoon, for me at least.
Gus: Yes, that seems to be when the day catches up on us.
Gus: I guess it's busy with everyone else before that.
Davis: I guess.
Gus: I imagine each day is a unique being that lives for only twenty four hours and that it's only
purpose is to drop as many cinder blocks into the laps of a hapless populace as it can before it dies.
Davis: I wonder how much a cinder block in the lap would hurt...
Gus: I don't know, if you caught one of the flat sides...maybe not so much...
Gus: but if it was a corner... hmmm.....
Gus: ..the corners are how the day must get it's laughs.
Davis: I know I'd laugh if I saw it.
Gus: Oh, without a doubt.
Gus: Especially if the cinder block came out of nowhere and remained unexplained for the rest of eternity.
Gus: That would make any cinder block I was about to catch completely worth it.
Davis: I can imagine it just appearing right in the groin, not even dropping, but just suddenly being smashed
right into it.
Gus: That one goes in the hall of fame.
Gus: The random, funny occurences hall of fame.
Gus: Right up there with 'Hey, you're made of cotton balls now."
Davis: I wish I could just make that happen to other people whenever I got bored.
Gus: It would lven things up quite a bit.
Gus: "Oh, Bill's trachea is lined with barnacles."
Davis: Italy's made of Jello.
Gus: I've never seen a tree stump do THAT before.
Davis: God, John, what happened to your arms? Or should I say, dogs?
Gus: Huh, who would have thought that door led to the centre of the sun all along?
Davis: Better run, looks like all the cow shit in the world is coming out of that chimney!
Gus: Never have the Winter Olympics contained so many instances of the letter 'B' jumping out of the
ground and dismembering people.
Davis: Your legs are now Beethoven's third symphony.
Gus: Just then, all the round objects in the world filled up with flesh-eating disease and exploded.
Gus: Much to the dismay of Tom, his wife had again turned into an angered icosidodecahedron
during lovemaking, this was starting to get old.
Davis: Well, enough of this insanity, I think it's about time for me to hit the sack.
Gus: Alright, good night.
Davis: Night.

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