This was written several months after the last installment and .....Flibbita-Jabba-blick-blicka-bleow!

Gus Argueta, Post-Apocalyptic Hero!!!

It's been a long time since we last saw Gus's adventures as a detective. An incalculable amount of horrendous and humorous things have happened since and our hero is now a much more refined and distinguished man......now let's join our protagonist as he eats Lucky Charms and watches cartoons.

"Cartoons aren't very good anymore," Gus said as he stared in disgust at the television screen,"As in at all." Gus knew the world had changed very much since he had last stepped outside, approximately four months ago. The earth was ruled by the bureaucrats now, they had corrupted all aspects of the government and lead the planet into dark times. It was time to take back the streets.


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