This explains itself I think.

The NEW Gus: Hey

Broke Busta: Hey.

The NEW Gus: howzur life?

Broke Busta: Same as yesterday.

The NEW Gus: poor Bram.

And Here's A bonus conversation!

Gus: someone tried to convince me capitalism was bad on friday

Broke Busta: Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps..

Broke Busta: Capitalism leads to communism.

Gus: I like capitalism. I get money, then I get things.

Gus: then the money I paid for my things goes to someone else and they buy things too.

Gus: Everyone is happy.

Broke Busta: Capitalism is good when you receive but when you're on the other end..Your screwed..

Gus: the other end should get jobs, then they could be happy too

Broke Busta: yeah.

Gus: Capitalism for all!

Gus: Yum yum

Broke Busta: Tasty.

Gus: burp

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