Movie Ideas We Have:


After a brainstorming session, Trevor, Moss, Elliott, and I had this to show.

"LiveWire!" About a wire that comes to life and wants to be treated as a person, not a child's toy.

"Magicians Hat" Put's bad ideas in peoples heads so they do bad things.

"Remake of 'The Hat'" Hat saves multiple babies from multiple burning carriages.

"Playground Pirates" Acting like pirates on the playground.

"Love Sandwich 2" When people eat this sandwich, they fall in love.

"Playground Action Movie" Typical action movie, but in a playground. Possibly Kung-Fu.

"Trevor: King among Men" Trevor is king of the world, but becomes isolated and alone.

"Vampire Park II" In the far future, Vampires battle over the last human.

"Robot Fighter" In which someone fights robots. On a playground?

We actually made Vampire Park 2, which involved me (Justin) as a robot. I fight a ninja (Elliott), while a vampire hunter (Moss) fights a day-walking vampire (Trevor). Completely different from the original concept.

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