"Cram & Nort", a short story I didn't want to write, By Justin Holmes.


Lisa: I'm bored. tell me a happy story

Justin: Once there was this bunny. His name was Cram. Cram lived on a farm, and was happy with his simple life.

Lisa: haha...cram

Justin: But one day, something bad happened... The farm was demolished by an earthquake. Cram took his walking stick, tied a handkerchief full of vegetables to the end, slung it over his shoulder, and set off. On the road, he met a platypus named Nort. Nort walked with Cram.

"Where are you from?" asked Nort.

"I am from nowhere. I have no destination. I have no name." Replied Cram.

"Yes you do, your name is Cram!" said Nort.

Lisa: haha...

Justin: "Don't be a smart ass." Said Cram, and beat him about the ears with his stick. They stopped to eat lunch. Nort began fidgeting.

Lisa: hahahahah...I like this story more and more!

Justin: "Sit still," said Cram.

"I can't, I have A.D.D." said Nort. So they began to walk again. "Where are we going?" asked Nort.

Lisa: he he!

Justin: "I'm going to find a new home," said Cram, "and YOU are going to stop following me."

"No I'm not!" said Nort.

Cram sighed.

Lisa: cram's a jerk!

Justin: Nort sighed.

"Stop copying me," said Cram.

"Stop copying me," chirped Nort.

"I'll kill you," said Cram.

"I'll kill you!" said Nort.

Lisa: he he!

Justin: Cram beat Nort about the ears with his stick.

"Okay! Ouch! Lemme go!" cried Nort.

Lisa: hahahaha!

Justin: "Not until you promise to stop copying me!" said Cram.

"Fine! I promise to stop!" said Nort. And they continued to walk. Soon they came to a town.

Cram looked around, but the town seemed empty of living people.

Lisa: ahaha!

Justin: "This town is creepy. It's just full of dead bodies that bleed sand when you cut them," said Nort.

Lisa: eeeek!

Justin: "Why did you cut them?" asked Cram?

"I was bored," said Nort.


Lisa: good story

Lisa: thanks!

Justin: You're welcome.

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