From: Jenny and Andrea
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: We're here to win our prize!

  This is Jenny and Andrea and we know the answer to your query and we are expecting to win the most talked about prize because we are the only two people in the Universe that know the answer!
literature: "Do Androids dream of electric sheep?"
(Well do they? This is the Andrea and Jenny contest question.)
Filmography: "Blade Runner"
We are your number 1 fans! You're comics are so wonderful they touch us in such a deep way! (Actually to tell the absolute truth I [Jenny] doesn't completly understand them all. I just accept our differences and enjoy them). My favourite comic by far was the one where Blocko was sleeping on stories beach!
*Jenny and Andrea

  I don't know how you figured that out, because no one else could, and it was just some of my random ramblings, but you did it. You won the contest. There are a few things that need to be cleared up though. I think this conversation between me and Gus cover the important points:
Justin: Andrea and Jenny didn't tell me what to draw.
Gustavo: No, not really.
Justin: No, not at all.
Gustavo: Draw an android dreaming of an electric sheep...
Gustavo: ...or a scene from Blade Runner
Justin: I want to do a really good picture though.
Gustavo: Why?
Justin: To make it worthwhile.
Gustavo: Draw ...... .... ....
Justin: Some dots?
Gustavo: ... I don't know.
Gustavo: Yeah
Justin: I can do that.
Gustavo: Do a picture all in dots
Justin: I hate that style though.
Gustavo: Like we did in art class
Justin: No, that's lame.
Gustavo: Well, you don't have to marry the dots Justin. You just have to draw them.
Justin: What if I fall in love? By accident...
Gustavo: ... Then that's life.
Justin: Shot down in April, back up in May...
Gustavo: Draw a picture of yourself giving a thumbs up and saying: "Way To Go!"
Justin: I'll use it as a placeholder picture.
A rare file photo from the dimension where Justin is always drunk, jovial and sans torso.

  So the two of you will have to decide on something you want me to draw, and then I'll draw it. This isn't a comic, or anything, this is a picture. A single picture. Of something. You don't get to choose the style. I can also draw abstract concepts, like emotion, or a phrase you like.


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