From: Moss
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: All Quiet On The Western Front
       Okay guys, a girl I know sent me this E-Mail, and I can't figure
       out if it means that she likes me or not...

        Can you hear me?
        Is there anyone there?
        Look out behind you, it'a a terrible scary bool-thirsty demon! Oh
        my god!
        Google!!! Garble garble
        Phew, that was exciting.
What do you think? Good? Bad?

Wow... I mean... Wow. I can't... Wow... Oh geez... I had no idea. That email scared the crap out of me. Okay, Tay-lor is obviously some sort of demon herself, as she begins speaking in tongues near the end of the message. Only a demon would say "Google!!! Garble garble" and then call it "exciting". Or maybe she works for a popular internet search engine. Actually "Garble garble" sounds like something one of us would say... In which case, she's probably normal. Even more normal than most people. As for if she likes you... It's hard to say. She's trying to make contact with you, in one form or another. That's good, I suppose. Although she seems more playful than anything. Perhaps this is her first email, and the technology was confusing and exciting for her. Keep an eye on Tay-lor, Moss. Justin out.


  Dude, just ask her....incredibly, it works.


The often employed tactic of using pictures of adorable kittens in action.

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