From: Kathy Macdonald
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: i'm not quite sure
   hey guys!  what's up?
         ...don't you hate it when people ask you that, because what is someone supposed to say to that? it's basically
         a rhetorical question, and then you're expected to answer it?!?  but enough about that... I've been reading some
         of your comics, and I think you're great.  What makes these comics special to me is the expressions of the
         characters, it's as though I can feel what they are going through.  it's even better though when the expressions
         don't go along with what the characters are saying.  I'm Andrea's sister by the way.  Well when I first started
         typing this I thought I might have something to say that was worth saying, but no.  Oh well.

Dear Andrea's Sister who I don't know,
   The question of what's up is one I found far more entertaining once I started answering
it not as rhetorical but as literal as possible. Usually when someone asks me 'What's up?', I say something
like: "The roof.", or should I be outside: "The sky." Then, I begin describing everything above me in great
detail until the person who asks becomes annoyed. After a couple of times, most people figure it out and stop
   Wait a minute here.....you've read our COMICS and you think WE'RE great? What about the comics?
They're good too right? Right? I mean I know they're not as good as Family Circus but they're not all that bad.
As for the facial expressions....you obviously haven't met us, because those ARE the facial expressions we use when
we say or do or feel things. That's what makes us funny.
   Don't worry about having something worthwhile to say, there's nothing I like more than answering e-mails.....
well, that's a lie actually....there are a LOT of things I like more than answering e-mails. Like food in general,
walking around in the dark...that's a good one, imagining fantastic new devices, making fun of people.....
  .....they all rank pretty high. I'm done.


   I usually just look up for a while and then say, "doesn't look like that much..." To answer your statement; Yes, we ARE great! It's always nice to have people reiterate things we already know. Not to seem conceited or anything.
      *five minutes later*
   You know, I'm really getting nothing. I can't think of anything to say at all... So I'll just try some stream of consciousness poetry...
   [poetry] I am now trying some sort of poetry that, to the best of my knowledge, I just invented right now. Invented like Einstein invented the world. [/poetry]
   Okay... I lied. I'm still not getting anything. I don't even know what "stream of consciousness" poetry is. Don't bother trying to explain it to me either. I'm way more interested in the concept of Robot-Bears, and I spend all my free time thinking about them. What makes Robot-Bears tick, besides their internal clocks? Do Robot-Bears Dream of Electric Honey-Bees? Okay, that last sentence was a bit of a play on a book that was made into a classic movie. The movie has a different name than the book though, so if you email me telling me what the title of the book is, what movie it was made into, and who wrote the book, you can win a prize. The prize will probably be a picture I will draw... But you get to choose what it is! Send your submissions to the address at the bottom of the page. Or the top... I forget where it is. Gus knows, ask Gus. Well guys, until we meet again, party hard.


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