From: Colin Liseth
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: [none]
  Where do you guys keep you "wink wink nudge, nudge's".
  Does that make sense today...i want some bars of candy!
  Narf! (that's the sound of me eating the delicious goods).

See, this is an email from Colin. The same Colin who has been in several of our strips. He's very special to us in a very special way. And he's also insane... If we don't do what he says, he's liable to try to bite us, or make out with our knees or something. I'm not even kidding. Colin, your email made no sense and was a pain for my brain. So, you get the...
That thing has the weirdest mouth I have ever seen. Except for yours, you freaking weirdo.


      Agreed. Whiz! Pop! Whiz! Bang! Feel the bubbles go down!


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