From: Andrea
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: [none]
  I read your comics! They're funny and disturbing because they have blood in
  them.If you wrote one that mentioned me, even if there was no context at all,
  I would feel happy.

   Thanks Andrea, it's nice to hear you read.  I don't understand your comment though...  Is it the
blood that makes them funny?  Also, I would like to point out that our comics never have context,
so be happy!  Keep the mail coming guys, we have nothing better to do than answer it!  I work at a bog! 
Boo hoo!


     Thanks for reading! It's fans like you that make us what we are....read. And yes, our comics
ARE funny because they have blood in them. As for including you in a comic, why not? It's not
like it would kill us to do it. Hell, I'll do it right now....la la la la la...done. Now before you read this
you will need some background information so here's the conversation that spawned this comic:

Gusbeetle: I sent you an email
Justin: I was about to ask you if you sent it to me.
Gusbeetle: that was sent to the orange arrow email address
Justin: Nice! It's from Andrea. You know Andrea.
Gusbeetle: Yes, I do.
Justin: Well, should we reply? I don't think we have a choice..
Gusbeetle: yes, we should reply.
Gusbeetle: the reply i was thinking of involved me drawing a comic where i was meeting
someone called "No Context" at a place called All and then Andrea show up for no reason.
Justin: DO IT!
Gusbeetle: either that or a one-shot with you and me yelling: Andrea!
Justin: I was thinking the second Idea too..
Gusbeetle: Both are good.
Justin: But the first one is so better.
Gusbeetle: Take your pick.
Justin: I did.
Justin: We should both be at All though.
Justin: By a sign that says All, or something.
Gusbeetle: Totally....total..
Gusbeetle: i'll....draw it tommorow...
Justin: And there should be blood in it! Remember the blood.
Gusbeetle: my hands fail me at the moment.
Gusbeetle: yes....blood.
Justin: Yeah, that's fine.
Gusbeetle: I need to sleep now.
Justin: Okay.
Justin: I should too.
Gusbeetle: I must rest for the task ahead...
Justin: Yes indeed.
Gusbeetle: BRB.....tommorow!
Justin: Okay!
Gusbeetle: Pioneer of Aerodynamics!

And without further a-doo-doo....A VERY SPECIAL COMIC!


I can't believe I drew a comic just because someone asked me too, I just can't.

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