From: Elliot James
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: They're going to do it again

About this war that is tarring the people of this great nation apart.
Were in fricken Canada for gods sakes!
And got of all the nerve for the US to be so pissed off at us for not
joining in.
a)were Canada.
b) they didn't join in WWII for two years.
And all the people whining oh the war, the war, the war......the war, the
war, the war.
Makes me want to go for a ten k run, take off my socks, and ram them down
there wind pipe.
the US doesn't have the right to get mad at Canada anyway because the
difference between our leaders is that one choked on a pretzel, and one
looks like he is in the process of doing so.
And so many people who are american and living in Canada get so hot under
the collar when they hear me talking like this, but hey they've been trash
talking us for years.
I guess what I'm saying is band together people of Canada its time to go
passive aggressive mental Gandhi warfare on their asses. Were mad, sitting
tight, and were not going to take it anymore!

Elliott James

   Oh shit, they've starting TARRING people already? It's only a matter of time before they bring out the feathers! Here's a tip folks, spell check your e-mails before you send them out. Please, do it as a favor to me. Also, Elliottlotototltoptotltrtoprtoptop, don't mess with Texas. Allow me to elaborate, some folks are built like this, some folks are built like that, but the way I'm built, now don't you call me fat, 'cuz I'm built for comfort. I ain't built for speed, an' I got everything, that a good girl needs. I'm so sleepy. Elliotttttt, stop sending me mail when I'm so sleepy, in the future call ahead and inquire as to my physical condition before you e-mail me. It's the least you can do.
   Now to respond to your conflicting remarks regarding the war on Burkina Faso, I think that I left the dryer on. And now we're out of time! Oh yeah, Elliott, you're not funny.

Signing off!

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