From: mort
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: It's Time For A Change

i'm tired of comics why don't you guys start posting video clips of yourselves doing interpretive dance to improvised bongo drum beats?


  First of all, this is a comic site. Second of all, it's people putting up extraneous video for no apparent reason on their Keenspace sites that makes Keenspace have problems. I don't want to be one of those people. And then if we did that, everyone would know what we looked like. We'd be walking down the street and people would be staring and whipering:"Aren't those the two guys who did interpretive dance to improvised bongo drum beats on the internet?"
  Hold on, I think Justin might have something funnier to say.


You asked for it.
This is live video. I'm doing this right now. I'm a cartoon character.

The first person to email with the name of the song this break is from will get something. Probably a pat on the back. Possibly a nice new picture of something.


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