From: Elliott James
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: i love you guys

you guys are great i read your comic every day my name is cindy and i live
in N.Y your Canadian humor is fresh and new. Well anyway i really like all
your characters but the one that stands out the most is elliott i love how
violent he is it gives me the shivers! pleas put him in more of your comics.

cindy shemlt (its german)

Dear Elliott,
   You are probably far too stupid to realize this but when you send an email out on the Global Interweb™, it is sent with YOUR name in what the ape creatures of this planet call the 'From' box. Now I'm going to forgive this trangression this one time because it's obvious you have issues with your confidence...and apparently your sexuality. But the next time, you get the ray gun. Don't mess.

I don't mind Elliot so much actually, so long as he's not touching me and is about 50 yards from me at all times. Incidentally, this is the 13th email, and it is by far the worst.


Here's my reply...

Justin: So, do you want me to reply to Elliott's email, or something? Because I don't really feel like it right now.

Gustavo: You don't have to at all. I just sent it to you if you felt like doing it. I can make fun of Elliot all by myself if the need presents itself.

Justin: I can't think of anything funny to say besides: "This is obviously just you, Elliott. Do you think we are that dum?"

Gustavo: I think I covered that in one sentence so far........what else am I gonna say. This email affords many opportunities for difficulty.

Justin: Fuck, I don't know... Elliott's covered all his bases. The email sucks on all levels.

Justin: I'm going to edit this conversation, and you can put that as my reply...

Gustavo: Good 'nuff.


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