From: Moss
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: But wait, what's this?
Okay, so I got ANOTHER e-mail from this girl, right, and this
one's even more chock-full of hidden meanings. This is a reply to
an e-mail I sent her about a dream I had in Grade 4 where I was
ballroom dancing.
How do you cite info received in an email? And that doesn't sound
so simple to me. Personally, I would interpret that to be your
desire to dance...that long lasting yearning deep inside you to
sweep your way across the dance floor with a beautiful girl in
your arms gazing at you adoringly, while all the other men in the
room wish they were you. It stems from a desire to be adored, and
envied...or as Freud would say, you want to screw your mother.
Take your pick.
Did you guys just see that? I mean seriously... did you just
see that?

Well of course I just saw it, I couldn't have read it otherwise. I have not changed my stance on this topic Moss, just ask her. OR if you like HER, just say: I like you, would you like to go to a movie with me?
  It's so simple a plan, it can't possibly fail....unless she says: I don't want to go to a movie with you because I hate you. If that happens, you're boned. But then again, if that happens she never really liked you to begin with and you've truly lost nothing.

Best Of Luck!

Do her.


  Oh man, totally do what Justin says! It's way better than my idea


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