From: Lisa Jensen
To: The Orange Arrow
Subject: tee hee
       I love you guys!
       Will you sign a poster for me?

   Frankly[do you mind if I call you Frankly?], everyone loves us. And sure we could sign a poster, I don't know where you might get a poster of us....you could probably order one off Amazon.com or something, they usually have stuff like that. It might be hard to find because I don't think we've ever knowingly posed for a poster...but who knows? You might get lucky. If you can't find one, we could probably make one. It's about time we opened up our own internet store to supplement our meager fortunes.
   And as for marrying me, I'm not sure you know what you're getting into here. I mean, I'm flattered and all but I like the orange popsicles and damned if I'm gonna give them up now. So for now I will have to say no, but feel free to ask again when I have lost my passion for life's niceties and I will be willing to say yes to just about anything. Toodle Ooze.


Lisa, No. Just...No.

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